My Terms of use translated in English by Patty


Here now my user conditions for my Tutorial

My Tutorials are free!!!!

*My Tutorial may not be copied, or be inserted by Hotlink on your sides, 
also these may not be copied and high-loaded into Word over Rapid share or other programs!

My Tutorials are free to use in Groups,but only use the url from the orignal tutorial

All supplies I have supplied with my tutorials are either created by me, shared with me, or posted with a link to the creator.

*My Material you may use but leave  the name intact ,A link back is not  necessary, but  I will appreciated a lot if you give a Link  back  That means also for people who  share  layouts  on the  web ,who are made from my tuts ,clubsets ,snags to share ,wallpapers,stationary's  Some of the tubers which  work I used en have permission from   to use in my  tuts  ,have a T.O.U also  They not wanted that  their tubes are  for  share in groups ect ..That  means that  when you  load my supplies  You not gonna share  the tubes  in groups  enz.....

*My materials may not come-obtain to be used! My work is free for use ,and may used them not on commercial websites ,also not  on clubs hetnet with paying punts  ect
The artworks used for my tutorials were obtained by permission from the artist the belongs always to the artist


This  is for the translators

it is not allowed to translate my tutorials in any language without my written permission
E-mail Addy
I get very many inquiries around my Tutorial to translate, it may be translated
but only with my written permission

In order to avoid doubling translations,
look on my sides whether does already in your language is present!

Now it can seem to 2 translators the same idea had and the same Tutorial
to translate at the same time, which can happen,
but it does not have to be some Tutorial a half year later is again translated!
One can also links to the Tutorial!
With in your language already translated, has it does not do a sense to E-mail me !

Because that is not fair for my other translators.

Also under the translators the work of the other one should be respected!!!

My Tutorial is written with much love and fun to work in order to divide these with all Pspfriends,
for which it makes joy after Tutorials!

Respects the work of others and be nicely too each other.
Thanks for reading!