Welcome to the Awards page

I have received Awards and  graphics gifts  from people for this site

I want to thank you all for giving me your Award and graphics gifts for the Angels site

Also I want to thank all the people who send me e-mails with so much love in it about Angels Precious Place

I hope that you can understand me that  I cannot e-mail everyone back

But  my heart is big enough to save  your words in my heart forever

I shall never forget you and your  story's about your loving child  (ren)  that you have told me and  I always read it with tears in my eyes

It's be written forever in my soul



When you have a Angels site and you help people  to give Angels a Place

When you have a site for your Angel (s)

When you have a site for people who lost not a child  ,but another  loving person

Then  you can e-mail me for a Award  from Angels Precious Place  with the adress from your site

I shall visit your site and send you after my visit  Angels Precious Place Award


All my love your way

God bless you

Love Gerda